Last night, we treated ourselves to a night in a hotel. It was a combined Albergue/hotel; we opted for the hotel. A bit of privacy! A bathtub! Towels! We were in heaven. Even the pilgrim meal was a step above the usual; the first course was fidueà, a dish similar to paella, but with noodles:This […]

Now that we have retired, and can take all the time we want, we have decided to do a longer pilgrimage this year, starting in Le Puy, France, and walking 900 miles to Le Puy, France. If you would like to follow us, our blog is at, or you can just click here.

After considering doing the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, we have decided to continue last year’s pilgrimage by walking from Assisi to Rome. If you would like, you can read about it by going to or by clicking here.

The link to our new blog in the previous post was wrong (it just brought you back to this blog). I’ve fixed it. You can go to our new blog on our Cammino di Assisi by clicking in the previous blog, or by clicking here. Sorry if that confused anyone! We’re really not caught up […]

Readers may remember that we finished our Camino by attending the Pilgrims Mass in Santiago on the Feast of St. Francis, October 4, 2013. When the presiding priest ended his homily by reciting the Prayer of St. Francis (Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love . […]

…for making this journey with us. Your encouraging comments, insight, and interest in our thoughts and experiences helped to carry us down the road. While this phase of our journey has come to a conclusion, may we always journey together in spirit, no matter where the road leads us.

Flying over to begin our Camino, we carried our packs but checked a bag with our poles. Strapping up our packs so they were carry-on compliant, lugging them onto the plane, and hoisting them up onto the overhead bin was a hassle, but we didn’t want to take any chance of losing our packs. Coming […]